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MAJUMA ATTAR - An Art Of Indian Heritage Perfumes

Majuma Attar

Product Code :MJMU-OV-ITA
Botanical Name :Mix Of Many Herbs/Essential Oils
Plant Part :Herbs
Country of Origin :India
Color & Odor :earthy, cooling, green and sweet
Method(s) of Extraction :Steam Distillation
Weight & Rate :5 Ml (USD 5)  15 Ml (USD 19)    
Total Amount


Majmua attar is a special kind of blended attar. It has blends of four rare kinds of attars. It has somewhat greenish appearance and emits sweet, fresh and earthy smell. Majmua attar is made by mixing kadam attar, kewda attar, mitti attar and ruh khus or vetiver attar in specific proportions.

Common Use:

Majmua attar is very popular for its exotic fragrances. Due to thisreason it is widely used by pharmaceuticals to impart flavor and odor tovarious tonics and medicinal tablets. • Majmua attar is mostly used for religious purposes during prayers, inmeditation houses etc. It is used in focusing mind and increasingconcentration. This special attar clears mind and soul and also helps in rejuvenatingbody.


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